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You know that diets don’t work. And you’re building your nutrition practice around non-diet, HAES and intuitive eating principles.

Many dietitians and health coaches feel in over their heads when they’re trying to help their clients successfully navigate their emotions.

Learn the counseling skills you need to help your client thrive, with sensitivity and confidence.

Appropriately navigate strong emotion, handling trauma or therapy-related information

Help your clients learn to have healthy relationships with themselves, others and food

Build a profitable and sustainable nutrition business around your clients’ successes

Your clients deserve a gentle approach.

To realize the full success that using a non-diet, intuitive eating or HAES approach can bring to your clients means we have to use skills that basic training didn’t teach us.

It can take time and effort to source all the strategies that may work for our clients, and then more time and effort tailoring them to our individual nutrition practice.

You shouldn’t feel frustrated and unable to give your clients the help they need because of the lack of training you got at school.

Your clients deserve a gentle approach.

It’s time to learn how to confidently work with emotional clients and provide your clients with the help they desperately need.

And with your confidence and skills comes greater client success, leading to a thriving nutrition practice.



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Hi, I’m tracy, Founder of Embodied Dietitian

I’m a non-diet, attuned eating, HAES-informed dietitian. I teach non-diet, trauma-informed counselling skills to Dietitians and Health Coaches so they feel confident about communicating with their clients.

You see, I know you want to help your clients go from panicking about their weight to trusting their body.

Since 2006, I’ve been using psychological, relational, somatic and (head, heart and gut) strategies in my practice to teach that there is another way to manage weight without dieting. I spent 4-5 hours a week for 2 years plus another 1-2 years of at least 2 hours a week in one on one supervision to learn what I can share with you.

Being skilled at appropriately navigating strong emotion is vital to helping our clients have a healthy relationship with themselves, others and food.

And you can learn how to do this with sensitivity and confidence. Then, because you’re confident in your new skills and your clients are glowing about their results, your business flourishes.

Confidently build a nutrition practice serving clients using a non-diet,
intuitive eating approach

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“I just wanted to let you know the session with the client we discussed actually went really well today. I was able to give her a lot more space instead of succumbing to the pressure to expedite the process unrealistically, and it was honestly so much easier and so much more productive. So thank you!” AK, RD,LD

“Private practice work can be intimidating and overwhelming in the beginning, and investing in this course was, hands-down, the best investment I made to grow my confidence and skill-level. It was such a comfort and reassurance to have Tracy’s expertise and guidance in my back pocket as I took a lot of initial big steps in my private practice journey.”
Ashley Dashevsky RD, LD/N

Imagine feeling calm, collected and in control the next time your client is sitting in front of you panicking about their weight.

If you’re ready to feel confident about working with clients’ emotions regarding food and weight and give them the help they really need, here’s how.

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