Hi Friends

I hope your almost Fall/Spring transition is well, transitioning with lack of overwhelm.

It’s typically busy over here each fall with sinking into what I’m seeing people hunger for over on social and what different levels of clients and my RD/Coach clients need in this season of their own becoming.

And deciding what we are going to partner on together. 

Because I do believe there can be a finish line with the obsession with food and weight.

Do I think there will always be growth happening if we are focused that way? YES!

And will there always be things to adjust to, definitely.

Because what people need changes, so we need to be able to adjust as well. I see many people who have been in practice way longer than me struggle with the changes that need to be made in skill level or in their business, causing lots of unnecessary suffering and even less than stellar experiences for their clients.

For example, I often have people who really just need some meal plan help for the week. And there are people who won’t offer that. I get curious how come?

Our clients need help relearning to eat and they don’t have the skill set sometimes to just listen to hunger and fullness or know what they want because they did not get much or any at all co-regulation, freedom to experiment as kids to cook or ability to make choices.

As RD’s and coaches who love counseling, unpacking and doing depth work, we do like to jump in the “how come” but often a certain percentage of our clients need to circle back around to “getting fed”, regardless of weight so that the “how come” is more accessible.

As another example, I worked with client recently who has had years of coaching on Intuitive Eating, but was still slightly under-eating and definitely not in touch accurately with hunger and fullness. What I see lacking is people really willing to dig into the food.

Yes, we talk about it, but really, how would our clients know if they are eating enough or too much? I want you to be the one who can help them really know that.

Over on Decoding Food and Body Talk Counseling Skills Group, I asked the question,

“Because of the reach of social media, more and more people are “doing Intuitive Eating”. Except that all parts of them may not be able to without some containment, which is also difficult for them to do without it seeming like another diet.

Are you seeing those same things too in your new or potential clients?

How are you explaining to them the dilenma they are facing and what solution do you have for them?”

I would love to see what you think about this dilenma. Feel free to reply here to me or in the group above (I’ll get you in asap if you aren’t already) and see if we help you answer these questions.

Do clients say that they don’t know what they want? Or that they know what they want to eat but can’t let themselves have it? How much does this have to do with weight or not?

The more you can elicit the answers to these questions, the closer to helping your clients witness with their adult self what and how to meet their own needs.

Til next time,

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