I hope everyone here is having a good day. Everything I share is meant to:

1) save you time
2) grow your practice by providing excellent nutrition counselling
3) funnel your passion, high sensitivity and heart for people into something good in this world, which is guiding people towards body peace.

If those are your goals, you are in the right place.

I want to talk some more about expectancy. It’s the theme of the week over at :

It’s a lynchpin of how I build trust.

But something it also does that I forgot to mention.

It creates a container for all the chaos of “I am out of control/nothing works/no one understands so I might as well do what I’m doing”.

Once you establish there is a way out and this is an idea of what I think it’s going to look like without making guarantees, there can be a settling.

Learning and connecting are much more likely to happen.

Tell me below, when someone gives you a roadmap and “I’ve got your back when it gets hard” what happens for you?

Talk again soon!

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