Hi friends!

I hope you had a good holiday and are back in the swing since Thanksgiving.  

I wanted to share with you a free, quick chat and live coaching call I did over on the Non-Diet Counseling and Decoding Skills group I did this past weekend.  

It wasn’t planned because I had been reflecting on how my much I had grown as a business owner in 2019.

I am sure most of you are like me and when we took the leap into wanting to have passion as we worked, which often means doing our own thing, we had NO idea about marketing, looking at where leads come from, knowing when spending money will indeed grow our business versus us just clicking YES because we are scared we are missing out or desperately thinking “this thing” will turn it all around!

Don’t feel bad if you’ve done this; I did it over and over not even 4 years ago.

But stay with me…. Let’s get to a solution.

Like I spoke about in the video: https://www.facebook.com/tracybrownrd/videos/2830414573675400/ 

2019 was HUGE for me.  

I was able to create a framework for trauma integrated care for RDs  and have been sharing it on social and with RD’s in supervision, see the snowball effect of more reach because of authentic presence and got my client membership going for people who truly need access to care but at a low cost:  ALL OF MY GOALS. (And yes, I did make more money too)

This happened because of something I didn’t have before.  


I want to share with you today what this focus looked like so you can do it too to move closer to your goals.

1) I hired a social media/business coach for the WHOLE YEAR!  Someone to keep me accountable to do what I say I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong. I am a doer. I DO a lot but that is what mostly gets me in trouble. Too much at once gets me, and probably you, no closer to any one business or leveling in your practice.

Those weekly check-in’s are where I took one aspect of any of the above projects and focused on 1-3 to-do’s to get things closer to fruition, whether that was writing a new email sequence, authentically being present with people locally and online or committing to staying OFF social one day a week to rest, which I did most weeks most of the day lol.

2) The 2nd thing I am encouraging you to do is Get clarity about what you want to learn about and master it (well, as much as that is possible lol)!  

  • My calling and passion (s) are helping professionals who work with Eating disorders and chronic dieters recognize and work with the underlying trauma physiology running the symptoms.   I hate to see you and your clients stuck on the same body image conversation because I know that the conversation is coming from the body and it’s time to stop trying to talk it out of how it feels.  
  • My second passion is getting RD’s and coaches past their hesitations with going after the kind of life and business they want.  I have seen way too many RD and therapist friends who silently suffer with up’s and down’s with client census, afraid to raise rates, not willing to change how things are done and then be envious of other’s success.   It all boils down to not feeling good enough and afraid of what other’s think. And aren’t we in the business of helping people past that with food and weight? How come we are doing that in our own businesses?

I am not a master of other aspects of ED care, like the intersection of diabetes and ED. Or of SEO.  I’ll have those talks in our upcoming group in 2020. But if that is something you have a passion for, don’t worry about taking trainings for learning how to do SEO unless you really want to learn that and want that to be part of your business.  

And speaking of, I want to say, don’t blame yourself for what I’m getting ready to say next.

I’ve spent 1000’s of dollars are programs because of fear of not enough clients yesterday.

But the truth was, I wasn’t doing the basics and was trying to do the advanced marketing techniques we all see people doing online.  The bright shiny syndrome thing. It’s okay. We know better now.

So, this is encouragement number 3:

3) Use your time wisely.  

If you don’t have enough clients, talk to every local ED therapist.  Then go on to the trauma therapist. Then the play therapist. Then… you get the picture.

If you have clients and are getting calls enough to fill cancellations, then focus on the next step.   That might be more advanced marketing because you have the money for ads. Or hiring writers to help you blog regularly.

If you have a job and are on fire to feel confident in your counseling skills, get clear on your learning style to get the training you need to not do your future clients or yourself a disservice.  

If you are kinesthetic learner like me, don’t mess around with too many self-study courses; just start practicing with someone like me in supervision.

If you learn best visually, you’ll do well with seeing protocols laid out and watching role-plays. 

 (we do that in Non-Diet Counseling and Decoding Skills training).

Regardless, if you need counseling skills, don’t take more courses on anything nutrition related.  Focus on counseling skills. You can fill in the blanks as you go with nutrition.

I hope this little excitement-filled mini rant of mine helps you get clear on 3 things:

You might not be where you need to be because of:

  1. Lack of focus
  2. Lack of clarity about what you truly want
  3. Lack of knowing what stage of your skills or business you are in and how to build from there.

And if you need help to get that focus, clarity about what you want and how to build a solid foundation, I have a super special offer for you.   I wouldn’t be here without working with compassionate helpers who want to serve like you and I and I want to share what I’ve learned.

How would 1 Year of Coaching on Counseling and Business Change your life and how you serve?

Think about this now.  Do you know how to get where you dream of going?

This offer is only available to 6 people at any given time.


I understand the following:

This is only offered 1 time per year at this price

  • The total cost for this is a one-time fee of $2997
  • This program includes unlimited 20-minute laser-coaching calls that I can use at my discretion to work on my business goals with an emphasis on trauma-informed nutrition counseling and coaching and marketing.
  • I understand Tracy takes vacations and time off where she is completely off the grid for about 35 days a year.
  • 20 minutes goes by quite quickly and it is important that the calls be focused on 1-2 key topics so you can get the best results and feedback during our call time.
  • I understand that I must complete my homework from one session before I start a new session. This is so I can keep the momentum moving forward of what we’re accomplishing, and it will keep my progress to quick actionable nugget-sized tasks that won’t overwhelm me.
  • I understand that Tracy works with very motivated people that have an excellent work ethic, believe in great customer service and that having access to Tracy for 12 months is going to help me grow my business and skills.

This Holiday Special is Yours for $2,997

Offer Expires 12/9/19

[Actual Value of $14,000]

If this is a yes for you, be prepared for pre-work between Dec 9th and the 23rd with a 30-45 min big picture discussion then 20 min calls starting Jan 6th, 2020.  

I hope you enjoyed this contemplative message as this year winds down.  I want to hear from you. What are your intentions, hopes, dreams, etc. for how you want to serve going forward?

Admiring your passion and wisdom, 


PS:  For those wondering when in the world I am announcing my Somatic Course, it starts Jan 30, 2020.  I’ll be sending out more notes in a week or so.

PSS:  And for those asking about when I am doing my Non-Diet Counseling and Business Skills Community (just $199 a month with access to lots of practice time in a group setting with me and content) spring is just around the corner!!!

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