Hi friends,

Want to offer up a little support to you today to ask yourself. Get ready and offer yourself:
5 minutes between sessions or in a transition in your day

Find your back, seat and back in your chair or seat of your car.

  1. How is my body doing / feeling today?
  2. What is my relationship to ___ sensation in my body now?
  3. If this part could speak. What would it say?

Practice knowing your own body’s responses to your internal and external environment. Once you can do this automatically, it will be so much easier to track your client’s experiences as well and teach them.

To learn more, join us Tues May 26th for 75 min (maybe 90 min) of case consult and bottom up, trauma integrated nutrition counseling skills.

paypal.me/tracybrownrd/89  and zoom link to follow.

If you have questions, happy to chat at tracybrownrd@gmail.com.

Have a great weekend!

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