Hi friends,

I hope you are well and riding the waves of the ups and downs of being a non-diet practitioner and doing “all the things”.

It’s a lot and I am not just saying that.

You are the one that is holding the truth: diets don’t work and here is how. That part of you knows that you need more/less based on the symptoms but clearly some part is holding on…. Let us look at the function of that.

It is a lot for you body to hold as well.

But here is something that will grow your capacity for this work so your clients can too.

My dietitian friends in April learned that even the way you hold your body, your speech pattern about what you are saying makes a big difference in how safe your clients will feel to “be with” you.

They learned so much so about the window of tolerance, how they individually were showing up with their clients and what their behaviors mean that we decided to keep the learning and support going.

I am offering a continuing somatic nutrition counseling skills supervision and support call 1x per month on going. The next one starts in late May if you wish to go more deeply with the your already awesome knowledge, review cases and practice some hard but good work as well.

The details: May 26th call at 10:45-12:0 Eastern supervision/support call.
Bring your cases, general somatic questions, get personal coaching about your stuff that interacts with your client’s stuff and generally get support!

This call if for newbies and experienced to neurobiologically based, bottom up, trauma nutrition counseling. The learning never stops!


Once payment is received, I will send the zoom link and we will get started on Tues May 26th at 10:45am eastern time.


PS: Do you have access to both my free trainings?
Trauma nutrition counseling: https://casestudies.tracybrownrd.com/optin
Non Diet Decoding Skills: https://casestudies.tracybrownrd.com/feel-confident-nutrition-counseling-work

Getting stuck in some area of moving forward with unpacking “I feel fat” or feeling like a fraud in putting yourself out there?

If so, happy to chat with you. No obligation, just hate to see you stuck; that’s no good for anyone. https://www.tracybrownrd.com/get-started/

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