What I keep learning about the neurobiology of how emotional neglect and shame with food needs not getting met/getting dismissed impacts connection and learning is this.

Our clients do not have a platform often to receive or “let land” our concern, suggestions or even remember what they are “supposed to work on”.

Not your or their fault.

But we can help them by keeping things simple.

I get excited to in the first couple of sessions to want to juggle the food, body image, teaching about the window of tolerance, triggers and glimmers, polyvagal theory, parts work and keeping all that in the realm of food and body …..and so much more.

But they can’t process all that. I can’t juggle all that each session either.

Stay posted and present here this summer as we read and watch together 25 tips to nurture an environment of transformation with food and body.

Tip #1: Focus on the basic truths that relate to our client’s needs. If food is the fire, regulate to help them eat/shop/plan to get fed.

If they are eating, but pleasure is scary, unpack the language around “indulgence” and “denial”.

If they won’t eat more/binging is still “needed” and are medically stable and you trying to change this creates a relational disconnection, focus on them becoming less isolated or other frustrations with movement that they are naming.

What are clients need more than goal setting is co-regulation.

To learn more about how to do all of this, don’t miss June’s Somatic Nutrition Counseling Skills Supervision Session on the 30th.

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Stay posted for tips 2-25!


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