I have a couple questions for you.  

How do you know if your client feels relative safety to trust you?  

When a client says they feel better thinner and they cognitively get that thinner does not make an enormous difference in day-to-day life events/relationship but still hold onto to the “just in case” of pursuing thinness, do you know how to help them “un-velcro” from the hyper-vigilance?

Do you know who, why and what to do when you feel stuck, rattled, frustrated, or overwhelmed in session? What is your stuff and what is theirs?

When it comes to minimizing the threat response at mealtimes, do you know the 4 missing actions steps to help clients go from “I don’t know what to eat/can’t stop binging/don’t have time/don’t know how” to create a landing pad for food to happen?

If you are looking to say yes to all these questions and for your nutrition counseling and education can stick then consider…

Somatic Nutrition Counseling Online Course

Develop the skills to confidently and effectively help your clients who are struggling with the ravages of complex trauma, PTSD, sensory processing which makes consistent eating, self-care and being in their body so difficult.

In the Somatic Nutrition Counseling online course, you will learn to:

  • Work within your client’s window of tolerance and resiliency to grow it
  • Contain arousal of fight, flight, freeze or please systems in session
  • Help clients stay in the ‘here and now’ with food and body experiences
  • Bring safety to client eating experiences so they do not get overwhelmed
  • Learn to teach experiential exercises to promote your client’s ability to track their own systems
  • How to assess and track what is happening in our client’s nervous system physiology to help them build capacity to be attuned to hunger, fullness, and satisfaction.
  • How to recognize and use tools to soften our client’s satisfaction and nourishment barriers to lasting progress.
  • Integrate simple narrative strategies to help client’s “un-glue” from their protective eating and behavioral strategies
  • Learn to stay in your scope while still providing integral trauma healing experiences through normative eating and digestion
  • Create a “bottom-up” trauma-informed nutrition counseling practice

The Somatic Nutrition Counseling Course is 3 months of advanced skills for effective treatment of disordered eating and chronic dieting.

  • (12) 90 minute live sessions with pre-recorded teaching to be viewed for a complete didactic (what) and experiential (how to) experience.
  • Access to recordings of actual sessions and role-plays to learn the art of safe inquiry and unpacking difficult food and body image situations.
  • Lifetime access to the self-study version of the course after completion.

Each month includes:

  • 4 weeks of instructional/experimental work
  • 3-4 hours per week of video or reading to deepen your skills but plenty of grace to go at your pace
  • Integration of materials to use in your clinical sessions — when and how to use them
  • Access to ME via the Facebook group for questions about the content and connection with past and current enrollees
  • Live weekly Zoom calls (recorded if you miss them)

Have questions to know if somatic nutrition counseling skills is right for you and for your clients who have been suffering long-term and cycle in periods of stuck-ness and lack of or hope or motivation?

Connect with me at www.tracybrownrd.com/get-started to chat.


(Discount built in the early bird and paid in full options for those who have taken the Trauma Informed Dietetics course by myself and Fiona Sutherland as well).
We begin February 4th, 2022, at 10am ET. 

If four or more folks from outside the US want to participate, we will add a second group for 6pm ET on a Monday or Saturday to accommodate live training for those who are interested.

Imagine feeling calm, collected and in control the next time your client is sitting in front of you panicking about their weight.

If you’re ready to feel confident about working with clients’ emotions regarding food and weight and give them the help they really need, here’s how.

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