Hi friends !

One of the first SEP practitioner therapist  I had the honor to be on a team with is Nina Keeler.  We partnered on a case together…. And wow , what a relief to work with her!  

I really believe our client would have experienced much more pain without the skill Nina offered her. 

These days, Nina is also bringing her love and skills to her venture , the Trauma Collective, where she cares for us caregivers as well. 

Nina is also a fan of us non-diet dietitians and in her latest episode, she and I discuss the function of disordered eating through a Polyvagal lense & in general intuitive eating. 

Ep. 24: Eating Disorders and Trauma Treatment with Tracy Brown, RD, LD/N


If you find your clients might benefit from this short episode, please pass it along!

Warmly, Tracy 

Imagine feeling calm, collected and in control the next time your client is sitting in front of you panicking about their weight.

If you’re ready to feel confident about working with clients’ emotions regarding food and weight and give them the help they really need, here’s how.

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