Advanced Counseling Skills Course

Somatic Nutrition Coaching for Client Recovery

Take your skills to the next level and help your most complex clients.

Become an expert practitioner

You’re an experienced non-diet and intuitive eating practitioner. But you’re wondering how to extend your skills to offer more to your clients.

Dive deeper into the neurological and psychological strategies that can bring benefits to your complex traumatised clients.

Build the Counseling Skills to Help Your Most Stuck and Vulnerable Clients

How many times have you heard your clients say:

“I’ve read the books; why can’t I stop counting calories?”
“I’m okay until I’m stressed then can’t stop eating; am I ever going to stop binging?”
“I can’t slow down or relax.”
“I can’t tell my hunger and fullness.”
“I’m fine with food til xyz happened and I am restricting/emotional eating/not buying groceries again.”
“I surround myself with body positive pictures, wearing more comfortable clothes, etc but still can’t stand my body/fear gaining weight.”

You’ve experienced explaining intuitive eating and non-diet approaches but feel there is something more you can be doing for your clients.

My desire is to help you make your job easier working with clients who struggle with disordered eating and for them to get their life back more quickly.


Tracy Brown

Somatic Nutrition Counseling for Embodied Recovery Online Course

Develop the skills to confidently and effectively help your clients who are struggling with the ravages of complex trauma, PTSD, sensory processing which makes consistent eating, self-care and being in their body so difficult.

In the Somatic Nutrition Counseling for Embodied Recovery online course, you’ll learn to:

  • Work within your clients’ window of tolerance and resiliency
  • Contain arousal of fight or flight system
  • Help clients stay in the here and now with food and body experiences
  • Bring safety to client experiences so they don’t get overwhelmed
  • Learn to teach experiential exercises to promote your clients ability to track their own systems
  • How to create a trauma integrated nutrition counseling practice
  • How to assess and track what is happening in our clients nervous system physiology to help them build capacity to be attuned to hunger, fullness and satisfaction.
  • How to recognize and use tools to soften our client’s satisfaction and nourishment barriers to lasting progress.
  • Help clients reduce negative self-talk, anxiety around food and weight change
  • Enhance client’s ability to listen and to respond to inner landscape and physical selves
  • Understand polyvagal and attachment theory to help decrease client confusion about their physical experiences of low energy, inability to slow down and health concerns
  • Cutting edge techniques to go at the pace of your client’s nervous system to make lasting change with food and health behaviors
  • Address sensory issues that prevent positive behaviors with food
  • Learn tools to give to clients between sessions for consistent growth
  • Learn to teach experiential exercises to promote your clients ability to track their own systems in between sessions
  • Improve client retention
  • Gain the confidence to effectively help more complex clients

In addition, you’ll receive these exciting bonuses:

During the course, weekly supplement materials to enhance in-group discussion
A robust library of handouts to use in session with client and for client fieldwork
Access to my 6 series somatic meditation series for clients
Expert interviews from leaders in the trauma, eating disorders and health including Paula Scatoloni, Rachel Lewis, Veronique Mead and more!
Free 1 month access at the conclusion of our course to the Embodied Dietitian Growth Membership for monthly supervision, business acceleration and not going private practice alone!

My passion is to bring registered dietitians and non-diet coaches the understanding of what is happening in their client’s nervous system and attachment systems.


To translate this into a new, practical way that you can counsel your client. To give you the confidence to help your client by knowing how to intervene at the core of the overwhelm around food with compassion.


To help you successfully bring your clients to a place of safety and helping them lift the shame trap. And see your clients experience the life they desire.


Tracy Brown

Curious Yet?

Take your skills to the next level and help your most complex clients

Tracy is kind, caring and experienced and bring a different nuance to this work in particular through the decoding work. If you want to work with people who are struggling with food, eating and body image issues and want to strengthen and/ or deepening your counselling skills in this area, go for it!
Linn Thorstensson, Non-Diet Nutritionist

3 months of counseling skills training for advanced skills for
effective treatment of disordered eating and chronic dieting.

  • 1 week each month to focus on your business you can help people find you!
  • Access to recordings of actual sessions and role-plays to learn the art of safe inquiry and unpacking difficult food and body image situations.
  • Lifetime access to the self-study version of the course after completion.

Each month includes

  • 4 weeks of instructional/experimental work
  • 3-4 hours per week of video or reading to deepen your skills
  • Integration of materials to use in your clinical sessions — when and how to use them
  • Access to ME via the facebook group for questions about the content and connection with past and current enrollees
  • Live weekly Zoom calls (recorded if you miss them)

Multiple Payment Options are Available!

Our next live session starts September 9, 2022!