One to One Coaching

Personalized Non-Diet and Business Growth Coaching

When you want your counseling and business skills to be the best

No one knows your clients like you do. Fast-track your counseling confidence and practice growth with one-to-one coaching.

You know that diets don’t work for your clients. And you’re building your nutrition practice around non-diet, HAES and intuitive eating principles.

But many dietitians and coaches feel in over their heads when they’re trying to help their clients successfully navigate their emotions.

Learn the counseling skills you need to help your client succeed, with sensitivity and confidence.

Learn the skills you need to grow your business into a thriving non-diet-centred practice that you’re passionate about

Learn to be comfortable with your clients’ distress.

Know how to acknowledge their emotions.

Feel at peace that you don’t need to fix everything.

Here’s What Coaching With Me Looks Like

I coach you in what to say to your clients when they’re emotional, traumatized or panicking
And give you a new language to talk to them with
We uncover your own emotional triggers around communicating with clients, and give you a framework to manage them
We spend A LOT of time practicing this language so you feel comfortable using it with your clients. Reading something in a book doesn’t build your confidence in actually speaking the words. So we role play. A LOT.
We talk about how to talk about food and nutrition in this framework
And we talk about how to build a successful HAES/Non-diet integrated business using the skills you’ve learned.

So you can learn to be comfortable with your clients’ distress. Know how to acknowledge their emotions. Feel at peace that you don’t need to fix everything. And your clients get the help they desperately need. Your confidence will bloom and your business will flourish.

But it’s more than just learning how to help your clients…

I can help your clinic thrive.

I’ve worked with RD’s and therapists practices as well as started my own brick and mortar business and now run two online business. So I’ve learned some stuff since 2006.

I am about teaching service and relationship for mutual benefit that allows all that benefit to grow well beyond your clients’ recovery and our financial stability and personal satisfaction of being a part of someone’s life-changing.

I help you learn how to juggle client and business tasks, when to leave that job, get a VA, let go of the projects that aren’t growing your business and flat out help you stay focused to help people find you.

I also work some amazing folks who are experts in things I am not, like SEO, writing, ads, etc that I can connect you with if you need something extra.

It's Time to Take Action Now

I heard someone refer to me as the competition the other day and this is where I have to sing the praises of Tracy Brown – always supporting our growth and always gently challenging us to do things we might not have thought we could do and always making enough room at the table for everyone. I’ll always be grateful for her nurturing and guidance.

Elizabeth Pinney Hall, Intuitive Eating Expert

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