Non-Diet Counseling Skills Course

Build strong foundations for your non-diet nutrition practice
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If you’re new to the non-diet, intuitive eating approach or feel like your skills need a polish, this is the course for you!

Grow your confidence in HAES, Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Counseling

See your skills boost your clients’ success and retention

Watch your practice thrive so you can have the business you dreamed of

This 12 week Online Course is the Perfect Foundation Level Start for



Health Coaches

Body Image Coaches

New Graduates

New to Non-Diet Approach

After all, when you’re starting out with the non-diet, intuitive eating approach,
you’re sure to have some questions, right?

Do you find yourself pondering questions like:

Am I actually helping people?
Did I even say that right?
What do I do when…?
They can’t let go of wanting to lose weight; what now?
How do I conduct my assessment using HAES/intuitive eating principles?
How do I market intuitive eating when people just want to lose weight?

12 Weeks to Grow Your Confidence, Skills and Business

Counseling Skills

  • Non diet, HAES-based counseling skills, Intuitive eating skills
  • How to conduct a non-diet based nutrition assessment
  • What to cover in follow up sessions
  • How to build trust to gain good relationships with your clients

Business Skills

  • How to effectively explain the non-diet approach
  • Business building form templates
  • Clinical forms & worksheet templates
  • Business strategy and service offerings
  • Engaging with your ideal client

Course Delivery

  • Interviews with non-diet professionals
  • 12 modules weekly drip
  • Recorded sessions
  • 4-6 hours content per module
  • Q&A recordings

Curious Yet?

This training has exceeded my expectations – it has forced me to grow. It was hard emotionally for me in some ways, as I realized I had some blind spots (probably more to come!), but I feel much more equipped and ready to move forward. I felt supported, too, which is an incredible feeling

Caroline Young, RD

I am learning a lot on this course. It’s exactly what I needed and there are so many tips and lessons that I can incorporate with my clients, that I already feel more confident. i do still have a lot to work on though and I’m looking forward to continuing.
R. Spielman , Non- Diet professional , UK

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3 Months of Counseling Skills Training for the Basics of Effective
Treatment of Disordered Eating and Chronic dieting.

  • 1 week each month to focus on your business you can help people find you!
  • Access to recordings of actual sessions and role-plays to learn the art of safe inquiry and unpacking difficult food and body image situations.
  • Lifetime access to the self-study version of the course after completion.

Each month includes

  • 4 weeks of instructional/experimental work
  • 3-4 hours per week of video or reading to deepen your skills
  • Integration of materials to use in your clinical sessions — when and how to use them
  • Access to ME via the facebook group for questions about the content and connection with past and current enrollees
  • Live weekly Zoom calls (recorded if you miss them)

Multiple Payment Options are Available!

Currently Enrolling for Self-Study

Our next live session starts May 7th, 2021