Online Group Coaching

Trauma integrated nutrition counseling skills coaching

Gain confidence with helping your overwhelmed clients

Get clarity on how to manage individual cases or repeat scenarios

Grow your trauma-informed nutrition counseling business

We know that diets don’t work. And we want to empower our clients to find a new way to experience their relationship with food and emotions. 

But it can feel overwhelming when you’re building your non-diet, HAES and intuitive-eating practice. Each client brings their own emotions, experiences and expectations. 

If only you had someone you could talk it over with?!

Hi, I’m Tracy, Founder of Embodied Dietitian

I’m a non-diet, attuned eating, HAES-informed dietitian. I teach non-diet, trauma-informed counselling skills to Dietitians and Health Coaches so they feel confident about communicating with their clients.

I’m the coach you’ve been looking for. 

Join me for monthly online group coaching sessions.

Each month, online for 75 minutes we cover all the issues you will experience setting up and running a successful non-diet, intuitive-eating nutrition practice. 

Learn non-diet, trauma-integrated nutrition counseling skills

Present your case and get suggestions on how to manage your clients

Get encouragement and support from others

Group Coaching Sessions are held the last Tuesday of every month at 4:00pm EST. Recordings are available afterward!

Help your clients to be present in their session with you, allowing them to progress in their treatment and achieve real change. 

Build your confidence and comfort level managing clients with food and body image issues.

Each 75 minute session includes:

  • Skills-based teaching from a trauma-integrated nutrition expert
  • Supervision of individual cases
  • Discussion of how to manage repeated scenarios
  • Support from others working in the same space
  • Resources and training on somatic theories and protocols
  • Practical, applicable suggestions and recommendations
  • Video replay of the session
  • Encouragement in the awesome work you’re doing!

Just because your clients are overwhelmed, doesn’t mean you have to be.

Get support, supporting others