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I know you want to help your clients go from panicking about their weight to trusting their body. But what do you actually say when your client is sitting in front of you and freaking out about their weight? How do you respond to them? And what do you do to manage your own emotions that come up at this time? 

I get it, you’re feeling frustrated, scared and (gasp) slightly inadequate. You shouldn’t feel frustrated and unable to give your clients the help they need because of the lack of counseling training you got at school.

It’s time to learn a new way to talk with your clients. 

As non-diet, HAES, weight inclusive dietitians and coaches, to feel confident about helping our client we need to successfully navigate their emotions and learn how to truly hear them. Not deflect them by diving into questions about what they eat or overly reassure them with empty words.

Our job is to help educate our clients that they have a choice. They don’t have to believe that their only option for love and a content life is to become a slave to the weighing-scale and other people’s opinions.

Being skilled at appropriately navigating strong emotion, handling trauma or therapy-related information is vital to helping our clients learn to have healthy relationships with themselves, others and food.

And you can learn how to do this
with sensitivity and confidence

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Trauma-Informed Dietetic Care 101

A terrific starter course to be ready for Advanced Counseling Skills!

Join Fiona Sutherland and I as we help you get to know your nervous system and the basics of how a safer environment provides better outcomes for your clients and less burnout for you. 

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