Somatic Nutrition Counseling

A 12 week didactic and experiential training where

we dive into the why and how of using the body as a resource.

How many times have you heard your clients or potential client’s any of the following:

“I’ve read the books; why can’t I stop counting calories?”

“I’m okay until I’m stressed then can’t stop eating; am I ever going to stop binging?”

“I can’t slow down or relax.”

“I can’t tell my hunger and fullness.”

“I’m fine with food til xyz happened and I am restricting/emotional eating/not buying groceries again.”

“I surround myself with body positive pictures, wearing more comfortable clothes, etc but still can’t stand my body/fear gaining weight.”


You’ve experienced explaining IE/HAES and even have been doing some decoding/unpacking body image work and feel there is something missing in what client’s need to have peace with food and weight?

Hi there, my name is Tracy Brown, RD

I’ve been incorporating a bottom-up, somatic approach to bring the body into the treatment for 8 years. I help clients EMBODY the information about recovery from disordered eating, how to be a “normative, attuned eater”, be comfortable in their own bodies and regulate their stress responses now since 2011.

And my desire is to help you make your job easier working with clients who struggle with disordered eating and for them to get their life back more quickly.

Having been in the field since 2006 as a non diet nutrition therapist , after a couple of years, I was feeling frustrated for clients who knew a lot, who had been in and out of treatment centers, being even traumatized by many experiences, and yet were struggling to “take in” all the support they had and the information they knew so well and could apply when life was smooth.

But when any stressor, even positive change would happen, it would be as if the house of their life was on fire and they were back to survival strategies, ie, restricting, binging, purging, over-exercise, cutting, etc would be what they would run back to.

Because their houses were on fire. Or they didn’t feel safe to live there even if everything around them was good.

And that’s when the light bulb went off around how to help people. I felt relief and determination.

Determination to learn how the physiology of being overwhelmed impacts our ability to learn and take risks with food. How feeling too much or not enough from a nervous system perspective creates barriers to eat with full permission and to accept that bodies come in all shapes in sizes.

Unless your internal scaffolding is built on solid ground you will stick with what you know, even if it limits your life. Unless you have the capacity to feel what you are internally feeling without terror, us humans are going to run, fight or shutdown.

For someone struggling with eating and getting needs met, eating gets a person more in contact with a place they don’t want to be:


So as dietitians and weight-inclusive coaches, we are on the front lines of seeing on a week to week basis where the barriers are to:

  1. Clarity about hunger and fullness as well as what areas the insight isn’t landing
  2. How to feel safe reaching for what they need and want,
  3. Being able to feel satisfaction from bringing in good experiences with food and life
  4. Resting and Digesting
  5. Feeling safe in the body so that they are aware how they projecting out and putting too much onto body size.

Are you noticing that these are issues for your clients too?

That no matter how much you talk about nutrition for thriving in life, the benefits of IE and HAES, it doesn’t seem to stick?

It’s not because you aren’t sharing the information correctly or don’t care enough. It’s because when the body is not feeling safe, we cannot learn or connect.

It fills me up with joy coming alongside YOU and making your job easier!

Good news… is here.

I offer you

Somatic Nutrition Counseling for Embodied Recovery

If you are hungry to bring a more holistic experience to your client’s recovery, I would like to invite you to bring your wisdom with these skills to help people who are struggling with the ravages of complex trauma, ptsd, sensory processing issues — the underlying issues we see in so many of our clients — and that makes consistent eating, self care and being in the body so difficult.

In Embodied Somatic Nutrition Counseling, You will Learn To:


Help clients reduce negative self talk, anxiety around food and weight change


Improve motivation to engage in coaching


Enhance client’s ability to listen and to respond to inner landscape and physical selves


Work within clients window of tolerance and resiliency to reduce shame


Contain arousal of fight or flight system


Help clients stay in the here and now with food and body experiences


Learn to help clients stay present instead of “checking out” when you ask about food or body.


Bring safety to client experiences so they don’t get overwhelmed in session and leave feeling hopeful


Learn how to repair mis-attunements in the relationship


Experience meal sessions in a new way to help them make space to eat


What to add to your assessment to understand the deficits in your clients self-soothing capacity with food and movement. This will help you make sense of why clients eat how they eat.


Help your client’s who struggle to slow down to take in true nourishment and client’s who can’t locate fullness find their edges with food.


Understand polyvagal and attachment theory to help decrease client confusion about their physical experiences of low energy, inability to slow down and health concerns.


Cutting edge techniques to go at the pace of your client’s nervous system to make lasting change with food and health behaviors


Address sensory issues that prevent positive behaviors with food and know who to refer to to offer your clients the team the best meets their needs


Learn to teach experiential exercises to promote your clients ability to track their own systems in between sessions


Address when clients say, “part of me ___ ( is scared), part of me ___ (wants to change)” in a way that helps their adult self make choices with food, health and recovery.


If you are excited to be part of the solution to help intuitive eating and recovery land for people, especially those who have been struggling for a long time, then join me for

Somatic Nutrition Counseling for Embodied Recovery:
Using the Body as a Resource

In our 12 week didactic and experiential training, we will dive into the why and how of:

How to create a trauma integrated nutrition counseling practice

How to assess and track what is happening in our clients

nervous system physiology to help them build capacity to be

attuned to hunger, fullness and satisfaction.

How to recognize and use tools to soften our client’s satisfaction

and nourishment barriers to lasting progress.

In addition, you will receive these exciting bonuses:

  1. During the course, weekly supplement materials to enhance in-group discussion
  2. A robust library of handouts to use in session with client and for client fieldwork
  3. Access to my 6 series somatic meditation series for clients
  4. Expert interviews from leaders in the trauma, eating disorders and health including Paula Scatoloni, Rachel Lewis, Veronique Mead and more!
  5. Free 1 month access at the conclusion of our course to the Embodied Dietitian Growth Membership for monthly supervision, business acceleration and not going private practice alone!

When do we start?

The next course starts on January 30, 2020!

Early Bird Investment:



Save $400
when you enroll by January 10, 2020

3 Monthly Payments:



Save $100 per month
when you enroll by January 10, 2020

12 Monthly Payments:



(for a total of $2,998)


Want to get started now?

If you want to start NOW and work with me individually,
the program plus weekly one on one skill building and hands on practice is available. 



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Set up a time to talk today to transform your weight inclusive practice
to a body-centered, Trauma informed one 

If you have questions if Somatic Nutrition Counseling: Using the Body as a Resource is for you and your clients, please connect with me