Tracy Brown RD

3 Ways for Professionals to Get Unstuck with Client's Weight Worries

What do you think is the number one worry I get asked about from nutrition and coaching professionals?

I won’t keep you guessing.  

“What do I do when my client says they want to lose weight?”  

That question and how to answer it is not always so obvious.  

As professionals, we need to be asking, “How come you want to lose weight?”  

Your client may say, “I just want to be healthy” for instance.  

Or at this point your client or potential client may not know what to say.  

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Maybe they don’t expect you to give them a diet (or maybe you say you won’t but they are kinda hoping you will ) but deep down they are expecting to be lectured about getting to some kind of “right weight” at some point to feel better about themselves.  

As you can see, when a client wants to lose weight or wants you to manage their food in some way, we need to immediately know that we have to listen more deeply and ask the right questions.  

So HOW are you to BE and what to say when your client wants to lose weight in a loving, respectful way of their fears while also helping them un-pack it to TRULY have choice about how to feel and care for themselves?  

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